Hotel David - Colorful Project


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With great pleasure and personal satisfaction, today we want to "give life" to a new project, a project that comes from the heart, a project 100% in the ethics of Hotel David, a sincere, honest project.


We have been doing this job for many years, with passion, a lot of passion, meeting many customers, each very special, wonderfully different.

Among all these meetings we had the good fortune to meet some children who were staying in Florence for their medical treatment. Meetings with them and their families unforgettable for us.


We therefore decided to offer them our hospitality free of charge.


Our project is called "Hotel David - Colorful Project"

A "colorful" project, because in colors there is hope and joy, there is diversity, love, passion and wealth that it is not by chance that it is said to be found at the foot of a rainbow.


Ours is a direct economic commitment, which is also sincere and disinterested.

To give is to deprive yourself of something and we want to do it.


How does it work.


Dedicated: to children and young people under 18 who come to Florence for specialist treatment for serious diseases.


Requirements: we will ask you to send us an email to with your documented request that we will evaluate based on availability.


What we offer:

Free stay in a double or triple room, for 1 night, maximum 2.

We want to give this opportunity to the greatest number of people and not just to a few. We offer the stay and we remind you that even the tourist tax of the Municipality of Florence is not due for those arriving in the city for medical treatment.


We will document on this page (anonymously) all the rooms offered.


We want to thank all our customers who usually choose our hotel for their holidays, because they choose not only a hotel but a much wider project.

It is also thanks to your choice that we have resources for this initiative.


Many young guests have already come to our hotel, to be treated in the city,

they were the source of inspiration for this project!

You are unique"!


Gabriele Cecioni. (owner)


Thanks to the person of my staff who decided to collaborate on this project for free.





September 20201 Double Superior with View, 1 night, value € 150.00

November 2020: 1 Double with Balcony, 1 night, value € 120,00